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Tekst 1

When Didier saw six armed individuals enter his store, he didn’t quite know what to do. He wanted to hide or run away but there was no time. The men were already inside and they demanded money. Didier tried to stay calm and politely asked the men to come back at closing time: “I told them clearly that 3 p.m. is not the best time to rob a store. There’s only 1,000 dollars, but if they came back later they might be able to take more.” Surprisingly, the group left. Didier immediately phoned the police. He was worried that they would think he was joking, but they took it seriously. Unfortunately, the policemen were very busy with a murder case so they couldn’t send a patrol to the shop. That’s why they asked Didier to come to the police station and report what had happened. At 5.30 p.m. the group came back to the store. The desperate shop assistant once again told the robbers it was still not closing time. “You have to buy a watch, I said. It's only 5.30. We close at 6.30. Come back then.” So the men left. Didier once more called the police. This time they reacted immediately. When the robbers came back at closing time, policemen were already waiting to catch them. Five people were arrested. The sixth offender ran away. When Didier left the store at 7.30, he was happy that the day was finally over
1. When the shop assistant saw the robbers, he …
2. When the shop assistant first called the police, they …
3. The police made the arrest at …
Tekst 2

It happened on August 6th. In the morning, Karla Flores walked her children to school. After that, she stopped at the chemist’s for a moment. Then, as usual, she went to a local market where she works. Karla was selling seafood when she heard a bang and something hit her, knocking her down. When she woke up, she was in hospital. She didn’t know what had happened, but she could feel a terrible pain in her face. Karla thought a stone or a brick from a nearby construction site had hit her. The tomography showed an object in her head, but it wasn't a stone or a brick. It was a live RPG grenade! It could explode at any time killing everyone within 32ft. The doctors knew that transportation to a specialized center would be too risky. Leaving the grenade inside Karla’s head was not an option, either. The patient needed an immediate operation but most doctors were too scared to even come near her. Finding the medical personnel to operate on Karla was, in fact, the most difficult thing to do. Finally, three doctors decided to take the risk. Surprisingly, later on, the operation went smoothly, without any problems. Explosive experts transported Karla to a tent outside the hospital, where the doctors operated on her. It took them only an hour to remove the grenade. Luckily, Karla survived the operation.
4. When the accident happened, Karla was …
5. The doctors discovered that Karla had …
6. The doctors thought that the best idea was to …
7. The most difficult thing was to …
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Bernice Winfrey is a young businesswoman from Ghana who started a successful and profitable firm. What did she decide to do? Well, her idea was simple but genius. She decided to produce bamboo bicycles. However, Bernice is not only interested in making money. Her company really helps the local community. It creates new jobs for the locals including those who are disabled. The firm also tries to reduce CO2 emissions by using eco-friendly means of transport.
At the end of the year a lot of people will be making their new year’s resolutions. Some will decide to stop smoking, others to do more exercise. Here is another challenge that some people can try in the new year: reading one book a week for 52 weeks, starting at the beginning of January. If you decide to take up this challenge, you should remember to select books which are short in length – 100 pages or less. Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Hugo’s Les Miserables might be too long to read in a week. And you will break another promise!
Our college cooperated with Marvel Studios to promote their new film, The Dark World. Hundreds of students took part in a photo competition, in which they had to recreate some scenes from the film. Four students from our college won the competition. As the main prize, the lucky four had the chance of a lifetime to watch the world premiere of The Dark World in London with the film’s cast and crew. The winners arrived there in a chauffeur-driven limousine and walked the red carpet with Natalie Portman and other celebrities.
If you spend very little money on food, clothes, housing and other things related to daily life, and if you don’t buy luxurious products, then it means that you live a frugal life. Frugal people buy things in discount stores or secondhand shops. They also save money on electricity and do not go on expensive holidays abroad. Many experts think that having a frugal life is a good idea, because people do not need too many things to be happy. They say that happiness means having a family, friends, health and a satisfying job.
Millions of trees are cut down on a large scale across the world. What can we do about it? Just sit and talk? No! We can do what some pupils did in their school. They started a project, in which they planted 30 trees in their school garden. So, don’t be passive! Just plant a tree in your town, park or forest, take a photo and send it to us. Don’t forget to use the following hashtag: #plantyourtree. We’ll share it on our website. Remember: everybody can help save the planet!
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Tekst 1

Shop owners from a Weymouth department store were shocked to learn that their colleague, Lyn Weaver, was seriously ill. Lyn had breast cancer and the prognosis was very bad. Her colleagues didn’t lose hope, though. They decided to organize a charity campaign and collect money for Lyn’s therapy. Unfortunately, it was too late. Lyn died soon after the diagnosis.

“At first we thought there was nothing more we could do,” says Lyn’s friend, Irene Phillips. “But then we decided to collect the money anyway and give it to other sick people. In Lyn’s memory, you know,” Irene says.

How did Lyn’s friends collect the money? They sold lottery tickets to clients of the Weymouth department store. Those who bought the tickets could win attractive prizes: toys, kitchen equipment, or cosmetics. Lots of people got interested. They wanted to win prizes, but also help cancer patients and honour Lyn Weaver.

You can imagine the organizers’ shock when one of their prizes, a large teddy bear, disappeared from the department store overnight. A CCTV film showed three men leaving the store at 3 a.m. One of them was holding the teddy bear. Two others were carefully looking around. The police couldn’t identify any of them.

A local TV station released the CCTV film. Soon, everyone in Weymouth was talking about the theft. One of the thieves, Brodie Chester, watched the news and he was shocked to find out that the giant teddy bear he had at home was actually a charity prize. He felt so awful that he took the stolen toy straight to a police station. He said he was really sorry.

The story of the soft-hearted thief soon hit the national news. “Thanks to it, people all over England learnt about our campaign, and we sold thousands of tickets! We collected £200,000 in a month! The funny thing is that Brodie Chester made our lottery famous,” Irene says. The campaign was concluded on February 4th, on World Cancer Day. Brodie bought some of the lottery tickets himself. The police are still looking for the other two thieves.
13. Some of the charity money helped Lyn
14. Lyn’s friends sold tickets to help sick people
15. At first, the man didn’t know the teddy bear was a charity prize
16. The police have caught all the three men
Tekst 2

Hi Steve,

Guess what! We have a new commander! So many things have changed in the unit… You wouldn’t believe it! It’s really different to what it was like when you were here. You would like it! Especially our new equipment. Anyway, I have some time off work now. But it’s not what you think – I haven’t taken a holiday. I caught a cold in the training field and I’m on sick leave.

I’ve finally read that book about Russian woman snipers in WW2. I absolutely loved it! In fact, my girlfriend, Sonia, has read it, too. Now she’s asking me to teach her how to shoot. Do you think I should?

Why don’t you and Susan come to Stratford? The Theatre Festival last summer was great, wasn’t it? This autumn, there’s going to be another attraction: the first edition of a Film Festival! Sonia’s got four tickets. So, don’t think twice – visit us and let’s have some fun together.

Write back soon, Nigel
17. Nigel has moved to another unit recently
18. Nigel is at home because he’s ill
19. Sonia wants to learn how to shoot
20. Sonia has got some tickets for this year’s Theatre Festival