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Tekst 1

Heath Bumpous, 36, was to get married soon. He and his fiancée, Claire, planned the wedding very carefully. Claire arranged a DJ and sent out invitations to family and friends. Heath reserved a restaurant and bought his wedding suit. There was just one problem – Heath needed wedding rings; and he had no money left to buy them.

But Heath was not a man who gave up easily. He was going to get the rings, even if he had to rob a jeweller’s store. The first thing that came to his mind was borrowing the money from his grandma. After all, he would pay her back soon. So he drove to his grandmother’s house. Unfortunately, she wasn’t at home. Heath couldn’t call her, as she didn’t have a mobile phone, so he decided to wait. And while he was walking around, trying to kill time, he passed a branch of City Bank. No one was inside, except a cashier. Heath entered the bank and shouted: “I’m wearing an explosive belt! I’ll detonate it if you don’t give me £30,000!” The cashier handed him the cash without a word of protest. When Heath went out of the bank, he decided to leave the city and go to a town 60 km away to find a jeweller’s. On the motorway, he stopped at a petrol station to have a cup of coffee and browse the Internet for the best jeweller’s stores. He was sitting at a Wild Bean Café when his fiancée phoned him.

Claire was very upset. She said the police had posted a CCTV film of a bank robbery on Facebook. On the film, she saw her future husband robbing a bank! She couldn’t believe it! She begged Heath to go to the police station, say openly what he did, and give the money back. She was ready to go there with him. And yes – she still loved him! And yes – she would cancel the wedding, but she would marry him anyway, even if she had to wait many years for him to get out of prison. Heath understood what a lucky man he was. He did what Claire asked him to do. The couple got married three months later in a prison chapel.
1. Before the wedding, Heath ...
2. Heath stole the money from ...
3. After the robbery, Heath stopped ...
4. In the phone conversation, Claire asked Heath to ...
Tekst 2

On July 28th 1900, at around 4 p.m., King Umberto I of Italy decided to go out to dinner. It was an unusual decision. The king was a hardworking man and he usually spent the whole afternoon at work. Then he either ate at home with his family or had a small snack in his office and kept on working until late at night. That day, however, he chose to dine at a small restaurant in Monza.

The owner of the restaurant was really honoured to have such an important guest. He suggested his wife’s specialty, artichoke salad, as a starter. The King wasn’t interested in the appetizer, though. He thought about lasagne but finally decided on meatball spaghetti, as the owner’s wife herself recommended it to him. The King soon noticed that the restaurant owner’s name was also Umberto and that he looked very much like him. As the night went on, both men sat together and talked. They discovered many things that were similar in their lives.

First of all, both men were born on the same day, which was March 14th, 1844. Secondly, they both had their weddings in Turin and were married to women named Margherita. Finally, it turned out the restaurant opened on the same day Umberto became king. Soon after his visit to the restaurant, the king sadly discovered that the owner tragically died in a shooting. He sent his condolences to the family, but a couple of days later, another tragic event took place. King Umberto himself was shot by an anarchist on the streets of Monza. He was 56 years old, just like the restaurant owner, whose life was so strangely similar to his.
5. On July 28th 1900, King Umberto I of Italy …
6. King Umberto had ...
7. The two men did not …
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French and Russian archeologists have discovered the body of General CharlesÉtienne Gudin in Smolensk, Russia. The general was Napoleon Bonaparte’s favourite commander. The one-legged soldier was killed on Aug. 22, 1812. The archeologists found the skeleton under a dancefloor. It didn’t have a left leg and the right one was injured. These two details helped identify the skeleton as the one of General Gudin. The general’s leg was amputated during the invasion of Russia. After his death, Napoleon gave orders to write Gudin’s name on the Arc de Triomphe and name a Parisian street after him.
The other day, a man named Brian brought his dog to Dr. Johansson’s veterinary clinic in Amsterdam. The dog’s eyes looked strange and it jumped and ‘danced’ all the time. What was wrong with Brian’s dog? Well, it was on a high! How could a dog take any drugs? The answer is simple. Brian left a few cakes on the table. These were special cakes with marijuana in them. His dog stole the cakes off the table and ate them. As marijuana is legal in more and more countries, such things can happen not only to our dogs but also children!
Recently there has been an interesting archeological discovery on a small Greek island called Dhaskalio, which is located off the island of Keros. Archeologists found a 4,600-year-old complex of buildings there. They think that the Bronze Age Greek builders made 3,500 trips by sea to transport tons of building materials from one island to another. Every trip was probably five hours long. In total, they travelled around 45,000 miles. The end result was a big religious sanctuary of 60 buildings. It is the largest prehistoric transport operation by sea discovered so far.
The Claytons have always lived on a farm with their animals – goats. They earn money by selling goats’ milk. But one day they decided to change their farming business. They wanted to buy more animals, like pigs and cows. So Mr. Clayton went to a bank to get money for their investment. When he got home, he put all the money on the table and went to the kitchen. Unfortunately, he forgot to close the door and a goat went in and ate the money. Obviously, the Claytons’ plans didn’t work out.
Anna Brown is angry with her daughter’s primary school after her teacher told schoolgirls that they can’t say “no” when boys ask them to dance at the Valentine’s Day party. At first, Anna thought her daughter had heard something wrong so she decided to check it. But the school director said the regulation is real. Anna thinks this is wrong. It teaches girls that they must always say “yes” to boys. But in the school’s opinion, the rule teaches students respect. Do you agree?
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Tekst 1

When the US Post Office first started sending parcels on January 1, 1913, suddenly millions of Americans could mail all kinds of goods. Mailing became so popular that, just in the first six months, Americans sent over 300 million parcels.

Surprisingly enough, some parents tried to send their children through the mail. Just a few weeks after Parcel Post began, an Ohio couple named Jesse and Mathilda Beagle “mailed” their 8-month-old son James to his grandmother, who lived just a few miles away in Batavia. Baby James weighed less than 11 pounds. This was below the weight limit for packages sent via Parcel Post. That is why the parents paid only 15 cents for posting the boy.

In another famous case, in 1914, a four-year-old girl, Charlotte Pierstorff, was “mailed” by train from her home in Grangeville, Idaho, to her grandparents’ house about 73 miles away. Why did the parents choose to send their daughter by mail? Well, train tickets were quite expensive at that time, and the parents paid only 53 cents for “mailing” their child. The little girl, with stamps on her coat, travelled in the train’s mail wagon. Fortunately, Charlotte was not put into a canvas bag together with other packages. As it turns out, the girl did not travel alone. Her mother’s cousin, who worked for the railway mail service, travelled with her. When they got to Idaho, another post office worker “delivered” little Charlotte to her grandmother’s home. Luckily, today there are more travel options for children.
13. At first, Americans did not like the new parcel service
14. It was expensive to send James by mail
15. Charlotte's parents bought a train ticket for her
16. Charlotte travelled with a family member
Tekst 2

An eight-year-old boy, together with his little sister, drove his father’s car to a McDonald’s restaurant. The incident happened at around 8pm on Sunday after the children’s dad came back from work and went to bed for an early night. When their mother fell asleep on the sofa, the kids took the car keys and left the house without telling their parents anything.

The boy drove about a mile to the McDonald’s through the town center without any accidents. Amazingly, the boy followed traffic regulations and didn’t break the speed limit. He didn’t hit a single thing on the way there. How did the boy learn to drive? Well, he saw his father drive the car many times but it’s not how he learned. As the boy later explained, he learned to drive by closely observing YouTube videos. When McDonald’s workers saw the boy parking, they thought it was a joke, and the children’s parents were in the back of the car. When the workers discovered the parents weren’t there, they immediately called the police. When the police arrived, the boy started crying. Speaking through tears, he said that he had really wanted a cheeseburger.
17. The children went to McDonald’s when their father was at work
18. The boy drove too fast
19. The boy learnt to drive from the internet
20. McDonald’s workers informed the police