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Tekst 1

I was on my way back from work. I was driving along Rhode Island Avenue, too tired to think about anything. I had a horrible headache, so I reached into my pocket for an aspirin. My mobile phone rang at the same time, but I didn’t answer.

I turned right, then left and slowed down to stop at the traffic lights. And then it happened. I was not careful enough and… I hit the car in front of me. A white car with license plates from Maryland.

I saw a woman getting out of the car. She looked really unhappy and it was not surprising. She probably thought I was an aggressive driver.

She was carefully looking at her car and did not talk to me at first. Then she showed me some marks on her car and… smiled warmly. “I was so worried! But it really doesn’t look bad,” she said. “Why is she so nice?” I thought. “These marks were there before,” she added. Then she smiled at me again, wished me a nice evening and… drove away.

I was standing there for a while, completely shocked. She did not argue with me. She did not call the police. How was that possible? Then I went back to my car and happily drove home. Most drivers would be arrogant and angry in such situations. I couldn’t believe that I met such a polite and understanding person. Suddenly, I didn’t have a headache anymore. I felt happy and optimistic.
1. The man was driving and …
2. He hit the car …
3. At first, the woman looked …
4. The man was shocked because the woman …
5. The man couldn’t believe that …
Tekst 2

One day, I was walking in the local park. Suddenly, someone touched my arm. I was sure it was one of my friends, so I turned back and smiled warmly. But the person that I saw was a complete stranger. He was in his mid-fifties and was much taller than me. He was not aggressive. He just told me to give him my bag. Without a word, I gave him what he wanted. I didn’t run away. Why? Well, I was afraid to move. Not because of the man, but because he was with a very big bull terrier. I was really scared when I saw the dog. When I let go of my bag, they quickly walked away.

A moment later, I walked to the police station. The officer there was eating his sandwich and asked me to wait. Then, I told him what the attacker looked like. It took about 15 minutes and then I was taken home in a police car. They never found the man with the dog. I never got my wallet and my documents back. But, worst of all, I lost my notes from university classes. How could I prepare for the exams without them?
6. The woman didn’t move because the man was …
7. The woman was most sorry that she lost her …
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I am walking up the street. A car is parked about 20 meters in front. As I come nearer, I hear barking. The sound is coming from the car. I take another look at it and see that the car is filled with dogs. Literally filled! About 10 dogs in a small cabriolet. There are dogs everywhere. Big dogs in the back, small dogs poking their heads between the seats. A dog putting its paw on the steering wheel. There are so many dogs that I am not sure how the woman can drive or even sit.
It happened so fast. A cyclist zoomed through the red light on a busy crossroads. I was on my way home, walking back from the subway, and waiting for the green light. I heard the car brakes and the shouts. I turned my head right and saw the biker as he was zigzagging his way between the cars in the middle of the crossroads. I saw him riding away quickly, unhurt. He escaped death here.
The free weekly in town wrote about fat cops on its front page. I thought it was strange but apparently it's a big problem. Policemen that can't run faster than criminals. Not too good for fighting crimes. So I am coming back from an evening with friends when I see these two cops on motorbikes. They are fit and slim. They’re just coming out of a store and mounting their bikes slowly, talking to each other. They are commenting on the article in that paper. Fat cops! They are laughing and shaking their heads over the subject.
I was coming out of the subway and noticed people looking toward a mid-size car. It was parked right in front of the bus station. At first I thought that the driver was picking somebody up. But then I realized that he was picking up many, many people. The car was so full I was not quite sure how they closed the door. As the car back door closed, I could count at least 7 people in it. The last one in was actually lying across, her feet poking out of the window.
A woman is on the other side of the road. She is holding a child in her left arm. It is raining and people are boarding the bus at the bus stop. The next bus is in an hour. The woman is yelling and it seems for a moment that she will try to walk across the road despite the heavy traffic. There are six lanes and cars are going fast. Luckily for the woman, one of the passengers hears her and requests the driver to stop the bus. Everyone is waiting for her as she is making her way slowly to the bus.
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Tekst 1

Last weekend, I decided to ride a bike to the lake at the end of Rock Creek Park. It was quite hot and there were only few people out. A small girl was standing on a picnic table and selling lemonade. She was really sweet and smiled at people walking by.

I stopped and bought myself a 25 cents glass of lemonade. Her mother, of course, controlled the transaction. I gave her 30 cents and said that the extra money was for her professional service. The child was surprised but the mother smiled and thanked me. She complained that they didn’t have many customers because of the weather. It was true as not many people were out in the sun that day.

The ride finished after mile 35 as my bike broke down. I did the last 5 miles by bus. The next morning I went to the nearest bicycle shop. On my way there, I passed two boys. They were selling lemonade and cookies. “How’s business?” I asked them. At the same time I thought of yesterday’s girl who was looking for customers. The two boys were happy and answered “We have had 3 clients already!” There were only local people there, but it didn’t worry the boys at all. What is more, their lemonade was more expensive (50 cents a glass) but nice and cold.
13. The girl offered a glass of lemonade for 30 cents
14. The girl didn’t have many clients because it was hot
15. The boys’ lemonade was cheaper than the girl’s
Tekst 2

Like most offices, my office is a place where I do my job. Of course, I have all the necessary equipment on my desk that helps me concentrate on my work and feel comfortable at the same time. I have the telephone next to the fax machine on the right side of my desk. My computer is in the center of my desk. There is also a comfortable office chair to sit on and some pictures of my family between the computer and the telephone. I also have a lamp near my computer which I use in the evening if I work late (from time to time I have to work long hours to do reports for my boss). In the room, there is a modern armchair and a fashionable sofa. I also have a low table in front of the sofa on which there are some industry magazines. I have always thought that my office and desk are typical of a manager, but I was wrong! My American colleagues often have desks that are surprisingly empty. These empty desks can show that the manager often travels. The fact that he is out of the office most of the time means that he is busy, hardworking and, of course, successful. Sometimes, in the USA, I can see footmarks on the desk. It is because some American managers like to put their feet up on the desk. They don’t do it when they are in a meeting. It’s a good way to relax when they are talking on the phone in the office where nobody can see them. The only thing that you can find on the American manager’s desk is a laptop computer. In fact, this laptop is their true desk. Nowadays, most managers do almost all their work on laptops. Sometimes, they can even take them and work at home if they are ill. What is more, it shows that a manager is ready to travel and take up difficult tasks.
16. The family photos are on the right of the desk
17. The author sometimes works late in the office
18. The author’s desk looks like other managers’ desks
19. American managers put their feet up on the desk to relax
20. Now, managers do most of their work at home