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People think of deserts as hot and sandy places, like the Sahara, but actually there are many different types of deserts. The Arabian Desert has temperatures of over 40℃ in summer. However, in the Gobi Desert temperatures drop to –30℃ in winter. Strangely, other deserts can have temperatures more like Europe. Sand is not the only thing on the ground in most deserts. You can also find salt flats and rock fields there. However, deserts have one thing in common – the terrain is really difficult in all of them.

When planning a trip across a desert, you have a few options: cars, camels, or walking. The simplest method is probably just to walk. You need very little specialist equipment for that. However, if you decide to walk, you have to understand how your body reacts to very high temperatures. The biggest problem, of course, is how much water you can carry. You shouldn’t take too much. More than 4 or 5 litres will be too heavy.

Carrying enough water is not really a problem when you drive across deserts. It’s obviously easier than walking, but driving a heavy 4×4 vehicle is not simple. You need to have excellent driving skills as the terrain can be a real challenge. The biggest problem is how much petrol you can carry. This really limits how far you can go. But you can take lots of equipment, food and water. This means you can travel in comfort.

Perhaps the most romantic method is to travel by camel. Camels can tolerate extreme heat. They can carry a person and lots of equipment. Also, they can go for a long time without water. However, what may surprise you is that most tourists do not choose camels, as they are uncomfortable and slow. Most people choose to travel across a desert in 4x4 cars. They are comfortable and they have air conditioning!
1. The first paragraph says that all deserts ...
2. To walk across a desert you need ...
3. 4x4 cars are a good way to cross deserts because ...
4. The text says that most tourists prefer to travel through deserts ...
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Have you ever wondered where the best place to go shopping is? Let's look at the top three places recommended by travel websites.

Tokyo is the third most attractive place to go shopping. From advanced electronics to trendy fashion – the lively city of Tokyo is where you will find everything you want. The best place to go is Ginza. It is known as Tokyo's top shopping district and has lots of department stores, designer boutiques and art galleries. Those who like cooking must visit Tsukiji Fish Market. But if you are more into electronics, visit Akihabara. This place offers the best choice of products at the lowest prices.

London takes the second place in our ranking; shopping there is an amazing experience. London has high streets with stores which offer everything from fashionable clothes to trendy jewellery. Also there are markets that sell artwork and souvenirs. So, where to start? Well, Oxford Street is at the top of the list for shopping in London. This is where you should go first. If you have more time, markets such as Camden and Portobello are fantastic places to buy local products.

And finally, our winner is New York. In the city that never sleeps, you will find the best department stores and boutiques in the world. Looking for the spring sales? There are lots of markets and outlets, where you can buy famous brands at a very low price. In the summer New Yorkers leave the city, so the shops are less crowded. However, the best time to shop in New York is Christmas. Imagine walking through busy streets, carrying bags full of Christmas gifts, as snowflakes begin to fall from the sky in early winter. This is definitely the best season to visit New York’s shops!
5. To buy electronic gadgets in Tokyo you should go to ...
6. The first place to go shopping in London is ...
7. The author says that the best season to go shopping in New York is ...
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The Canadian Army has celebrated the fifth birthday of the beloved polar bear Juno at the Toronto Zoo. Brig. Gen. Conrad Mialkowski, commander of 4th Canadian Division, visited the zoo to promote Juno to the rank of honorary master corporal. Juno was born on Remembrance Day, the Canadian holiday which honors soldiers who died in wars. The bear was named in honor of the Canadian landings on Juno Beach in World War II. He was previously made an honorary private by the army. Later Juno was promoted to honorary corporal.
An Australian man won a lottery jackpot on his dead father's birthday. The numbers he chose were a combination of the numbers his father used to play and some numbers he chose himself. The numbers earned the man a $393,449.40 jackpot. The man said the money will be very helpful, as he recently lost his job because of COVID-19. "I'm out of work at the moment and it's been pretty hard," he said. "This will help me until I find another job."
"This year’s Thanksgiving holiday will look different for everyone. We're doing everything to make sure our soldiers get a proper holiday meal. They can’t be with their family, so we want to make sure that they get that taste of home no matter where they are," said Army logistics officer Col. McCoy. To prepare the meal, the logistics department has shipped out 51,000 pounds of roasted turkeys, 74,000 pounds of beef, and 16,000 pounds of sweet potatoes. "Our department takes the holidays very seriously," said Col. McCoy. "Our soldiers look forward to this meal. Disappointing them is not an option."
A website, which posts reviews of electronic devices and services, is offering an unusual job: watching 25 classic holiday films in 25 days. Website said the new worker will get $2,500 and yearlong subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and HBO Max. The person will have to watch such holiday classics as Elf, It's a Wonderful Life and Home Alone. Then he or she will have to answer some questions about each film and select the best one. Applications will be accepted until Dec. 4.
The North American Aerospace Defense Command, known as NORAD, has started preparations for the tradition of tracking Santa Clause. Since 1955 the “NORAD Tracks Santa” program has followed a simulated trip of Santa Claus around the world on Christmas Eve. Children can phone in and the call center’s workers tell them where Santa Claus is. This year it will happen again, but there will be a small change because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most kids who call NORAD on Christmas Eve will not talk to the workers, but will listen to a recording instead. You can still follow Santa on NORAD’s website
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“Why did you choose to become a teacher?” – many people ask me. It happened because the headmaster of my old high school needed someone to teach chemistry, so he contacted me. At the time, his chemistry and biology teachers were on maternity leave to look after their babies. The school needed two new teachers and I was one of the people hired. By the end of the year, the administration liked me and the students said I was the best chemistry teacher that they’d ever had. When I was leaving, the headmaster gave me a wonderful recommendation. Thanks to that, I got my next jobs in two very good schools. I have been working for both of them for 4 years now.

There is one more reason why I chose to be a teacher. Teaching, in my opinion, is a form of social service. I am giving back to my community what I got from my country. It offers free primary, secondary as well as higher education (if you get into university, of course). I feel really lucky, as in other countries you have to pay for your education. I also like this job because it offers a satisfactory salary and I don’t have to work ten hours a day. Most days I have a maximum of six lessons and on others only four. What also makes this job special is financial security. That is why I would never want to be a businessperson – you never know how much money you will make. What’s more, your firm may go bankrupt. You know, money isn’t terribly important to me. Perhaps I don’t earn a lot, but compared to most jobs in my country, I get quite a good salary.
13. The author taught biology in his first job
14. The author works in two places now
15. The author paid for his higher education
16. The author would like to have his own business
17. The author is happy about his salary
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Have you thought of travelling to the U.S. at the time of the pandemic? If so, make sure that the places you go to do not have any restrictions for travellers. Let’s check out what is in stock for those tourists who have decided to travel to the States now.

You should remember that very few states have regulations which force people to wear masks and keep social distancing. What about quarantine regulations? Luckily, people who recently travelled from one state to another do not have to stay home for 14 days after such a journey. However, regulations change all the time, so check state, territorial and local public health websites for information before your trip. There is for sure one thing that all tourists need to do before going to the States: they all have to fill out a form and send it by email to the Department of Health.
18. You must wear a mask in most American states
19. If you travel from state to state, you must quarantine for two weeks
20. If you go to the US, you must email a document to the Department of Health