PISANIE 2 EN [#109_110]

Write between 150-200 words
You have recently been on holiday abroad with your family. However, you were unhappy with the quality of the holiday.
In a letter of complaint to the travel agency:
  1. give details of the holiday (date/place)
  2. describe the problems you had (e.g.: transport, food, hotel)
  3. say what you expect the travel agency to do
Write a report to your CO. Write between 150-200 words
Your soldiers have performed poorly during an international exercise.
In a report to your CO:
  • give details of exercise (date/place/purpose/people involved)
  • describe what sort of problems your soldiers had
  • recommend what can be done to improve your soldiers’ results in future
Inne krótkie formy
Your unit is about to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. Write a letter to a German unit you often cooperate with.
Include the following points:
  1. invite them to the celebration
  2. give details of the place and time
  3. inform about what special events are organised for the day
  4. offer to book any necessary accommodation
  5. asking how many soldiers they would like to send
A group of Dutch soldiers is coming to your unit to train with Polish troops. You are responsible for preparing their stay. Write an email to the Dutch commander Major Mark van Gels.
Include the following:
  1. give details about accommodation and meals
  2. say what the soldiers will train
  3. inform what attractions have been prepared for them
  4. ask the major for any comments
You have recently been promoted and you want to share the good news with a friend from your former unit.
Write an e-mail in which you:
  1. say why you got the promotion
  2. describe your new duties and say what is the greatest challenge and why
  3. invite your friend to a party to celebrate the promotion (specify time, date and place)
You have recently been deployed to a Polish Military contingent abroad.
Write an e-mail to a friend of yours in which you:
  1. describe the new posting (place, length of your stay, etc.)
  2. say what you like and dislike about your new posting (tasks, accommodation, people, etc.)
  3. talk about how you and your family feel about the change in your life
You are getting married in six months. Write an e-mail to your English friend inviting him/her (with partner) to your wedding party.
  1. Invite your friend (with partner)
  2. Wedding arrangements (time, location, place)
  3. Ask your friend to let you know if he/she is coming
  4. Offer to make reservations an pay the costs
You and your foreign friend have made plans to go on a trip together. Unfortunately, you cannot take a holiday as planned. Something unexpected has happened and you have been given extra tasks in your unit.
Write a letter to your friend. Include the following points:
  1. apologise for the change giving the reason
  2. say what extra tasks you have to do and how long it will take
  3. instead of the planned trip, invite your friend to your country at a later time
  4. suggest when and how you could spend time together
Inne raporty
Your unit has just returned from a NATO exercise in France. Describe the exercise.
Include the following points:
  • time, date and location
  • exercise participants (which nations? how many?)
  • types of tasks done
  • your unit's performance
  • recommendations for the future
You were responsible for transporting soldiers and equipment to a training field abroad. There was an unexpected problem during the journey.
Write a report in which you:
  • give details of the transport (date, time, means of transport, destination, equipment, number of people)
  • describe what happened on the way
  • say how you solved the problem
  • suggest how to prevent such incidents in the future
A NATO pilot had to eject over hostile territory. Your unit was tasked with rescuing him. Describe the mission.
Include the following points:
  • time, date, location
  • your unit’s actions
  • a problem that occurred and what was done to solve it
  • the pilot’s condition
You were responsible for organizing a shooting practice. During the event there was a problem with the ammunition.
Write a report in which you:
  • give details of the training event (date, time, number of people, training area, tasks)
  • describe the problem and how it influenced the event
  • say how you solved the problem
  • suggest how to prevent such incidents in the future
You have just completed a language course. Describe the course and give your opinion about it.
Include the following:
  • date and length of the course
  • classes (size/quality)
  • number of hours per week
  • accommodation
  • facilities on site
On a mission abroad you are serving in a unit whose task is to train local troops. Last week one training event took place. Write to your CO about it.
Include the following points:
  • training details (time, place, number of people, etc.)
  • trained tasks and skills
  • local troops’ performance and their opinion about the training
  • problems during the training and suggestions for future