PISANIE 4 EN [#105]

A high degree of accuracy, appropriacy and good organisation within paragraphs is expected. Write between 500 and 600 words. You have 70 minutes for this task.
In May 2014 Poland celebrated the 10th anniversary of becoming a member of the EU. You have been tasked with writing a general report on the country’s progress resulting from joining the union.
  1. Describe the hopes and fears our society faced in 2004 and comment on whether they have come true
  2. Speculate on how things could have been different if we had not joined the EU
  3. Propose what else should be done in Poland to benefit more from EU membership economically, socially and politically
  4. Give arguments for each proposal
  5. Give arguments against each proposal
  6. Make recommendations
  7. Speculate on the outcome for the country if implemented